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Why a Vision for Your Practice is a Critical Component of Success

Our firm, ESA Medical Resources, is frequently contacted by clients that are seeking to hire an employee or bring on a partner to their bariatric practice.  It is important for practices to have an…

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Opening an Independent Practice

Opening an Independent Practice BY: Chris Mazzolini Physicians crave autonomy. They are independent thinkers who wants to use their expertise to treat their patients the best way they know how, but this disposition often…

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What You Need to Know About Working With a Contingency Recruitment Firm

You want to fill open position with your practice, but you still cannot find the right person? You are considering using a contingency recruitment firm? What is contingency recruitment? Let’s find your answers…

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How Patient Engagement Impacts the Practice’s Bottom Line

Patient care is the reason most physicians get into healthcare, but practices cannot stay open if they ignore the need to remain profitable. Patients now have more choices in how they receive care,…

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Independent Bariatric Plastic Surgery Practices Private Setting

5 Steps to Start Your Own Independent Bariatric or Plastic Surgery Practice

At ESA Medical Resources we work with many bariatric and plastic surgery clients that are in private practice or seeking to start private practices.  This article in Physician Practice written by Susanne Madden,…

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When to Consider Succession Planning

Our firm, ESA Medical Resources, is frequently contacted by clients that are seeking to step away or sell their bariatric practices.  We encourage them to consider taking on a partner that we can…

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bariatric surgery obesity medicine clients

5 Ways to Make It Your Best Year Yet

I encourage my bariatric surgery and obesity medicine clients read this article about jump starting your year. By: KrisEmily McCrory, MD, Editor’s Note: Physicians Practice’s blog features contributions from members of the medical community.…

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bariatric practice service

Patients’ Three Biggest Complaints About Your Practice

Most all of my bariatric clients are seeking ways to increase practice revenue.  Many approach me about recruiting an additional bariatric surgeon thru our firm to increase practice revenue.   Some are diversifying…

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Obesity week 2018 nashville tn bariatric field's largest international event

Obesity Week 2018 Nashville TN

We are extremely excited to attend Obesity Week 2018 – Nashville TN November 11th – 15th.  It will be good to meet many of our clients face-to-face that we have only communicated with by…

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Surround Yourself With People That Empower You

This is a great article by Jeff Davidson that is located in Physician Practice magazine. You can always benefit from the input of others no matter how successful you are, how much money…

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